GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries

Foundet 2.January 2002

VASM Virtual Aviation Stock Marked

GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries buy virtual airline companies all over the world and virtual companies that are related to virtual airlines. GAIA buys only virtual airline companies that are based on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

GAIA can't promises to keep running all the VA's, because of the high number of VA's running on the internet. GAIA wants mostly to buy virtual airlines with an aircraft fleet in there own original airline colors. Aircrafts that comes with VA's GAIA buy, will be used in GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries own aircraft fleet on own flights. It means, that all VA's GAIA buy will still be alive and run under GAIA as a kind of sub-division. 

The main goal of GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries is to save all old abadoned virtual airlines and keep the webpages alive in cyberspace. Why ? Because the CEO John H. Olsen of GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries, is VERY impressed of all the creative artwork people had spent to design an own virtual airline company.  From young teenagers with some simple webpages to very advanced webpages and whole websites dedicated to virtual airlines. GAIA will host all the VA's webpages on own domain name URL : 

GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries is a sub-division of the small danish virtual company Cyber Danmark . 

Cyber Danmark design and build 3D multiuser virtual worlds that run under the american original Activeworlds Universe. The main world is the danish world Danmark that was the worlds first danish 3D multiuser world started back in 1.November 1997. It was the work of the 3D multiuser worlds that gets  CEO John H. Olsen of GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries started to work with the virtual world of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries admire the artwork behind virtual airlines,  web design, web art, aircraft model design, texture artwork design, scenery design .bgl, 3D models makro design, panel design, gauge design, soundset .wav design, aircraft dynamic .air design. All the stuff that makes use of Microsoft Flight Simulator so great and an advanced hobby !

If your want to sell your virtual airline company or virtual company related to virtual airlines, GAIA will pay a VERY good price in V$ and will save your work for the furture. All payments is made in VASM V$ from The Virtual Airlines Stock Marked . You will need a VASM account to trade with GAIA. 

GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries

CEO John H. Olsen

Cyber Danmark


GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries


GAIA Virtual Airlines offer V$50000 each flight houres to GAIA Pilots. Only GAIA flights from the GAIA Flight Schedule with GAIA aircrafts will be paid.

GAIA Flight Schedule Find all flight schedules to all VA's on this webpage.
GAIA Aircraft Fleet Fullpacket aircraft download setup mainly to FS2002  
GAIA Pilots  Join as pilot and view pilots and view flight houres.  
About Read about GAIA Virtual Airlines how it operate.  



GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries 



READ THIS : Do NOT use any E-mails on the VA's webpages below. All the webpages is saved as the original webpages to the VA's. If your need to contact any of the VA's below E-mail : If your use the old E-mails on the webpages, your will properly get in contact with the old owner or get no answer. The VA's is active as a Use the reduced flight schedules to the VA's that can be find on GAIA Flight Schedule

Small print :  All companies below are properties of GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries and sub-divisions of GAIA. GAIA have copyright and all rights to the webpages, include company name, webart, logos. Legal action will be taken from the virtual  lawhall ;-) All companies had been buy on the Virtual Airline Stock Marked with V$. Click the first link to get to the companies, the origianl website is just an extra link.


GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries

Virtual Airlines :

CDA Cyber Danmark Airlines Danish VA with hub in Copenhagen

CDA Jomsom Airlines Danish VA with base in Nepal. Jomsom (VNJS)  
BusinessJet Virtual Airline American VA with hub in Houston (KHOU) Original website :
Intercontinental Airlines VA Original website :
Virtual KUWAIT Airways Some link problems here to fix too. Original website :
Virtual South Atlantic Airlines  Original website : ?
Virtual South Atlantic Airlines Site2 Old site i think ? Original website :
Skypac Airways  
Atlantic Tour's Original website :
African Express Airlines   (Links problems here  to fix) Original website :
Alphaworld Airlines AWA  
Shuttle North 2002 Original website :
American Transcontiental Airlines Original website :


GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries

Virtual Aircraft Repaint Companies :

SkyPac Original website :


GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries

Virtual Space Programs :

STEP - Space Training and Exploration Program Original website :


GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries

Virtual Airports :



GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries

Virtual Airlines finance :

CDE Investments Original website :
ALCO Loans Original website :  Not working ?


GAIA Virtual Airlines Industries

Virtual companies NOT very close related to Virtual Airlines :

Virtual McDonalds  Autchh !!!  I lost a fortune on this one :-) Original website : Not working ?
   the worlds bigges freeware file library for Mirosoft Flightsimulator