About GAIA Virtual Airlines


GAIA Virtual Airlines is a part of business of GAIA Virtual Airlines industries. All VA companies GAIA buy with an own aircraft fleet, will be a part of GAIA Aircraft fleet and this aircrafts will be  use on the GAIA flight schedule. GAIA will have flight schedules all over the world, because GAIA own VA's based worldwide. GAIA dont have a main HUB, but CEO  John H. Olsen lives in Denmark near the capital Copenhagen and some flight will be from Copenhagen Airport.

All VA's on the GAIA Portfoli runs a a kind of sub-division under GAIA. It means, that VA's with own aircrafts, will bew used on flight schedules world wide.

The main virtual airlines of all sub-divisions of GAIA is the danish CDA Cyber Danmark Airlines, that have HUB in Denmark, Copenhagen Airport.

To contact GAIA Virtual Airlines E-mail CEO John H. Olsen : john@cyberdanmark.dk