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VW Tybe 2 Westfalia 1949-1967


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VW Tybe 2 Westfalia Picture Library

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Webpage updated : 20.December 2004.


Welcome to my website that is mainly for the VW Tybe 2 Westfalia 1950-1967. The VW Tybe 2 Picture Library will have all kind of VW Tybe 2 pictures.

The website was started 10.December 2003. Since i was a teenager i had this dream of to get my own James Wharram Design Polynesian Catamaran and maby one day, to sail around the world. I had been a member of the Polynesian Catamaran Association PCA since 1990. Now i am 37 (born 1966) and i still don't have the money to buy my catamaran. 

I have read a lot of stuff about peopel that sail long trips in small sailboats, and actually, it is mostly problems they have, like very bad weather, money problems, broken stuff on the sailboat to fix, seasickness, sickness and mutch mutch more problems ;-). 

I guess to sail a long trip around the world, is only for rich people with money enough to a larger sailboat and money to stay alive for years without any income.

James Wharram Designs CLICK HERE

The fish lives in the oceans and the humans live on the ground, this maby why it is a good idear to stay on ground, if i want to travel and meet new peopel and friends. If i travel in a VW Tybe 2 Westfalia, i can bring my own littel home with me, like a home in a small sailboat. I can sleep and cook my own food and keep my stuff in the camper.

I can bring my own small 17 feet catamaran Hitia 17 with me on the roof of the VW Tybe 2 Westfalia. The Hitia 17 is a daycruser catamaran, that is abel to take very long coastal trips with two adults along a shoreline and can have a tent and camping stuff onbord for use to live on the beach. U can buy a sekundhand Hitia 17 here at Scott Brown Multihulls.

Scott Brown Multihulls. Buy u sekundhand Hitia 17 here. CLICK HERE

Last week i got this idear, to buy a very old VW Tybe 2 camper, and travel out in the big world to take a look at it what is out there :-) I guees not mutch, just a lot of people and citys and landscapes :-)

What i do now, is to collect a huge collection of VW Tybe 2 pictures, for my own use, to get an idear of witch VW Tybe 2 model to buy one day. After a few days of study on the Internet, i was abel to find the model i was looking for, the VW Tybe 2 Westfalia. I didt not know, that this model was made since 1950. I had allways this thought, that the old "Hippi" VW Tybe 2 was some homemade stuff they had decorate themself :-)

After study of the different Westfalia models, i want a westfalia model from 1959-1967. The older models from 1950-1958, would proberly be to expensive for me. I had allways wanted to travel to the USA, and visit all the states. Maby i can buy my Westfalia 1997 on like www.ebay.com and go to the USA and get some licens plates on it someway, then use it for my travel ?

VW Tybe 2 Westfalia model 1959-1967

What i do now, until i can afford to buy a old Westfalia, is to collect more pictures and information about of the Westfaila. I actually think i have enough pictures now, but i can allways use a few more pictures. If u want me to add u own pictures to the VW Tybe 2 Library, just email them to me, and i will upload them after i had index them after my own system.

Thanks to all u folks out there that have spendt that mutch time to create all this fine webpage to the VW Tybe 2, thanks. I don't want to "steal" pictures, i just want to share my picture collection with u. I have spendt many days of hard work to copy and index. Try yourself to copy, rename and index many 1000 pictures :-) ?

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I own a old danish-international public building 3D virtual multiuser world, called Danmark ( Danmark=Denmark ), in the american Active Worlds Universe. I had run my old Danmark world since 1.November 1996. It is one of the olders worlds that is still running today. I build on a large city. My old city center and city square from late 1997 erly 1998, is one of the oldest virtual citycenters still alive. 

In the original Alphaworld from 1995, i had build a huge VW Tybe 2 gallery, that will show all the pictures from my VW Tybe 2 Library in a large 3D gallery. To visit the VW Tybe 2 Gallery, u need to download the free Active Worlds Browser and visit AW as a "Turist". Then teleport to : aw 28000n 28000w . Just ask some citizen around u how to teleport.

My citizen name in Active Worlds is Tiki and my worldname is Danmark ( Not possibel to vist as a "turist". U need to be a citizen to enter ).

VW Tybe 2 Gallery AW 28000n 28000w. To see this picture in large version CLICK HERE


1958 Westfalia chassis number : 20-365296

58 Westfalia Camping Box. To vist website CLICK HERE


X-HALL OF SHAMER.....NOW HALL OF FAMER.....HERE'S TO ALL YOU NAY SAYERS THANKS Martin Frost..for a darn good complete 66 Westy Pop-top And thanks to all the people who are don't knowers sending all the hate mail to Martin..allowing me to get this bus for very cheap..........YEAH!!!

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05/12/02 Jim D. I can imagine a little weed smokin' going on, but your not dipshits if your in a 66 poptop westy... Good job and good luck with your fine bus!
05/10/02 Me Looks like a bunch of dipshits...think I saw these guys smokin weed behind the porto potty in Sacramento last year.


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Picture from summer 1996. I need soon to get a new one :-) To see my Danish-Nepali virtual airline for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator CLICK HERE

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